Chinese Version - 中英版

by FingerBooth
Chinese Point of sales POS System for Beauty Salon and Spa

In FingerBooth, you are able select either English or Chinese version (without affecting your data) with only 1 click. On top of that, you are also allowed to input data & information for your product, service etc for up to 60+ languages.

FingerBooth is designed for retailers such as Spa, hair, nails and beauty salon, where majority of the employees are chinese oriented, thus, we felt the need to introduce chinese version to allow your employees to use and understand the system with ease.

With an eye to go beyond Singapore, FingerBooth is also well placed for more display languages in short future. When you purchase FingerBooth, you are buying into our potential pool of new and ever-growing improvements & enhancements!

FingerBooth language support @ a glance:

  • Single click language switch (Switch between English and Chinese)
  • System native English and Chinese display
  • Allow input & search of more than 60 languages
  • No data loss when switching language

若您需要华文讲解或询问, 请您拨电话 +65 6452 5677

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